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I signed up for Harriet’s Transformative Photo VIP Day because I have always been shy about getting my picture taken.  I’m not totally comfortable with my smile and definitely needed help getting pictures for my business that would reflect the true confidence I have in my work.  When I told Harriet about my self-consciousness issue, she began our day by having me totally accept myself for who and what I am - including how iI look.  She addressed the problem right from the get go and it made a huge difference.  I was able to relax and really just enjoy the process.


Throughout the day she used dancing and other coaching techniques to loosen me up and she really shifted some major blindspots I had.  I was able to see how I was holding myself back in my business.  She’s a complete genius at really seeing through a person!  It was a major turning point for me!


Her styling and photography was soooo fun to be a part of.  Getting so much attention put on me first of all felt amazing, but being turned into a beautiful faerie version of myself was even better.  She has such an artistic eye and really pulled out my essence in the photographs.  It was fun and highly transformative.  When I showed the photos to my clients and friends, they were completely blown away!  They definitely added a sophistication and clarity to my business presence.  


I would highly recommend Harriet’s services - she is a very powerful creator.  She not only gave me great, show-off-able pictures to use in my business, she opened me up to new possibilities.  I’m also WAY more confident with getting my picture taken.  Work with her and you will love it.  


Rachel Archelaus



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